Escape rooms for team building

No more dull team building!


Your group will face unique challenges which will mould them into a real team. The clear rules will enable them to connect with their joint mission and reach their target. One of the most important characteristics of a successful company is that they are able to forge their people into efficient teams. To do this they optimise their capabilities and maintain a high level of motivation. In a team, the skills of the individual members are best utilised when combined with others in a supportive and creative team working together for success. Playing our escape games together will help to explore unseen and unused capabilities of the individual team members. The escape games generate artificial tensions and pressures which facilitate revealing previously hidden strengths. Time pressures increase the speed of decision making and forces tighter cooperation since the target can only be achieved with a fully functioning, cooperative team.

Work with us to build a successful team!

Real life escape games help form teams that are more efficient when they return to their day to day work in your company. Our escape games facilitate the development of the skills and competencies that you need in a successful corporation. The recent expansion of the escape games sector offers new and enjoyable ways to experience team building exercises. We offer escape games as a fun and active way of building your team.

Live-Avatar Online Teambuilding

Team building for remote teams? You have just found it! As the number of remote jobs are increasing and more and more people work form home, or the project setting requires a team that is distributed around the globe we’ve developed the live-avatar online escape rooms to enable the team and colleagues to play together even when they are located on different geographical locations. During the live-avatar escape game, the team joins into a video conference, hosted by the onsite game master. And they will search the room exactly as they were on the site themselves. This ensures that the experience is also the same as they would be in a real escape room.

They have already enjoyed our games

They have already enjoyed our games

How about using the most popular Team Building program for Human Resources purposes?

Escape rooms are very popular team events that appeal to all human senses and can be adapted very flexibly to customer requirements. This makes our missions the perfect basis for experience-based trainings and can also be used as a cutting-edge recruiting tool.