Thanks to covid lockdown, and in particular social distancing, we have seen a rise in online avatar escape room games. This allows players to play together remotely via a video conferencing app such as Zoom. And all  from the comfort of their own sofas at home. They work to direct a remote host who is wearing a camera and will tell him want to do, where to go, what to look for, and want to show to the camera. The online avatar is situated in a real life, bricks-and-mortar escape room. As most physical escape rooms are in confined spaces, then it was obvious that Covid-19 was going to knock that part of the business out of commission. Escape room game operators had no other option but to up the ante and adapt their real-life games into a remote live avatar format. This allowed them to both continue the business, as well as continuing the employment of game masters.

Without sounding flippant or uncaring, the truth is that Covid-19 has helped lift the whole escape room business up onto another level. With the traditional physical game, there was always a limitation caused by the number of people who are physically able to play at the same time. With many bricks-and-mortar rooms only accommodating up to 8 people per game, then you can see that on a daily basis, there was a limiting factor as to how much the business could grow. After all, there are only so many hours in the day and you only have a certain number of rooms to fill.

Remote Games Saved  An Industry

But by turning a business into one using a live avatar, any number of people could play. This allowed many brick-and-mortar escape rooms to flourish. Though the initial idea of using an avatar with the players, and directing them over the internet might have initially been thought of as clunky and awkward, in fact, the very opposite was proved true. The game playing wasn't really affected and providing that your avatar or gamesmaster was skilled enough and could communicate well then all the players, everyone experienced an immersive and exciting adventure. To the degree that many customers returned again and again. 

Now with Covid-19 lockdown being lifted, as well as with social distancing becoming a thing of the past, many traditional escape room games owners need to now consider whether they wish to continue running their live avatar escape room games. Or if, on the other hand, if they want to transition back to the traditional brick and mortar setups. What's important is that whatever they decide to do, they need to communicate this clearly to their would-be customers who are finding them online.

Be Clear About Your Plans

After Covid-19, every escape room as a business is going to be in a different situation financially. To that end, each escape room game operator will have to decide whether the remote online avatar rooms are more or less cost efficient than the original brick-and-mortar offerings. For some it may be difficult to juggle between having remote online games whilst at the same time offering the traditional escape room game format. What's important is that when the players come to your website, and they're looking for an online game, then be sure to let them know the status of your remote online avatar games.

Avatar Escape Room Games That Have Closed

Perhaps, as an owner, you have decided to close your life avatar games, then be sure that  visitors can find this information on your website. Also, if you are offering other escape room game options, such as box games, print and play games, or digital games, then be sure that they're listed clearly on your website along with all the appropriate download links. Likewise, if there has been a popular live avatar game which you no longer wish to continue with, then be sure to let the would-be players know in advance, so that there can be no problems with future bookings.

Indefinitely Offering Avatar Game 

Maybe after a successful run during the Covid pandemic, you have decided that you wish to retain your avatar games, either as a normal booking or on a limited basis, once again be sure to tell your would-be customers that you will continue offering them. If they are offered on a limited availability and at only certain times of the day or night, then also make this clear. Afterall, the whole purpose of your website is to cut out confusion. To that end, it’s very important that if the games are played based on the calendar, then please ensure the correct days are listed. 

Avatar Escape Room Games By Request

Some escape room game owners may wish to run live avatar games, but only by special arrangement. Once again, make sure this is clearly stated on your website. Likewise, if you have any other limitations, such as time starts, the amount of advance notice needed, the minimum number of players, and the cost, then please ensure all these factors are easily understood from reading the web site.

Why You Should Continue With Remote Avatar Games

Though online remote avatar escape room games have proved very popular during the pandemic, it will be interesting to see whether there is a continued interest in them once social distancing is over. It could well be that many players are eager to return to the traditional structure of the games and play in a real room with real puzzles and clues.  Nevertheless, there are a number of reasons why we think that it still makes good business sense to continue to offer live avatar escape room games.

One of the most important factors is that you can extend the reach of your games outside your limited geographical local area and take customers from anywhere in the world.

Following on from this, if there are families who are living in different locations around the globe, they can all get together and have a great time even though they are separated by considerable distances or even time zones.

They are great for businesses looking to create a team bonding experience. It's a great way of improving company morale even if the employees are graphically diverse.

Something that's not often spoken about in terms of escape room games is access for people with disabilities. But playing online means there are none of the physical problems associated with getting around a real escape room. Likewise people who have ongoing health concerns, whether physical or mental, may find it more comforting to play online.

By taking into account global time zones it is possible that the non-peak times for your business can become peak times for online games. 

Business Website Maintenance

When you decide to transition your business away from the online live avatar format, then please think about what you want to do about the relevant links already placed across the internet and all linking back to your website. Remember that you will still see traffic from your live avatar games links which are dotted around the internet. These can be on other websites or more commonly, on people's social media platforms. We suggest that you maintain these links, but when people arrive at your website via these traffic sources, be sure to state clearly whether the games are on offer or not. The last thing you want is a confused customer.

Keep Those Old Links

Another factor about preserving links is that it makes good sense from the point of view of online search engines. You will certainly lower your search engine optimisation (SEO) score if you start deleting links that lead to external traffic sources. If people come to you via these links, then just be sure that the landing page they see will tell them straight away what’s  being offered and that they have found the right web site. Be sure that your web page guides them to other options. These may include other online offers such as games they can download and play at home. In other, words don't let any traffic go to waste.


The main takeaway is that during this year and a half of the pandemic lockdown, you've had to change your business considerably.  You've had to learn new methods and develop new products. Consider carefully whether you wish to ditch all of this hard work. If you do decide to return to the traditional game format, then be sure to let potential customers who find you via the internet, know that you no longer offer live avatar games. Clarity is king.