Want to try the escape game, but do not know what the right occasion is? We think it is always a good idea, but we will give you some tips on when it might be particularly appropriate.


Team building in escape room


If you and your colleagues are already bored of team building trainings and want to toss something up, then escape rooms were invented just for you. You will definitely not be bored here and you will have a very good experience together. Throw the idea to the HR or the boss and come to play!


Birthday escape game


The fun experience and the enjoyable time spent together are always the greatest gifts, so the escape room is a good choice for a birthday. This way, you can present a surprise to your family members and friends that will be remembered for years to come. If you know your friend well who has the birthday, you can easily decide which frame story would be the best for her or him. If not, you might want to figure out her interest. You can consider this as the first task.


Bridal shower or stag party


Once you have gathered with your best friends anyway, here is a perfect program that you will all enjoy. It is not as obvious as doing a hike in the city in a rented limousine.


Our good advice is that come first to play an escape game and only then dive into the night. It is better to go into the escape room with everyone on top mentally as well. However, if you already have a hard time finding the doorknob, you should not try the escape game.




You must have had an experience that during the trip, you suddenly got tired of sightseeing and the sights converged. If you have photographed every sculpture and you already have a selfie in front of every more notable building, you might want to spice up the day with an escape game. Especially on rainy days.


Instead of computer escape games


If you have spent too much time on computer games and want to do something else, move on and try out the games live. Believe me, you will not be disappointed! Plus, the graphics are very lifelike. :) If you are already in front of a machine anyway, book your appointment in less than a minute now and invite your friends too, because it is more fun together.